Cherry Bounce Question

My cherry bounce is about to hit the 3 month mark so today I opened the jar to smell and taste it. It smells slightly sour but tastes sweet with a slight tartness to it. Should I add more sugar or honey to it? and if so should I warm it up any? Or is it fine?

  • Posted by: Comfort
  • September 15, 2012


Comfort September 17, 2012
I actually made mine by de-stemming and splitting the cherries adding the sugar to coat and pouring bourbon till they are covered and added vanilla extract to add a different dimension to the bounce. I may just keep it the same. However, should I make a syrup next time with it?
Amanda H. September 17, 2012
If the sugar dissolved, then no need to make a syrup!
Marisa M. September 15, 2012
I agree with Amanda. Don't add a thing if it already tastes good to you!
Amanda H. September 15, 2012
If you like the flavor, I wouldn't change it. The cherry bounce I've made wasn't super sweet. When you made recipe, did you make a sugar syrup? If so, follow the same process, but cool it completely before adding to the bounce. Good luck!
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