Does this recipe really only require 100g total flour?

Does this recipe really only use one cup of flour for a whole (small) loaf of bread? I would expect around 300g total flour for a loaf like babka or brioche.

  • Posted by: Mariss
  • June 11, 2019
Black Sesame Tangzhong Babka
Recipe question for: Black Sesame Tangzhong Babka


Nancy June 12, 2019
Mariss -
You were right to ask :)
The recipe as first posted had omitted 275g bread flour, which has now been restored.
See also this similar version of the dish, from another website, which uses 350g bread flour
BakerBren June 11, 2019
Where are you finding one cup of flour? I see 25g of flour in the tangzhong slurry and another 350g of flours in the final dough. That's closer to 3 cups than one cup. It looks tasty!
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