converting grams to cups please?

Sorry to be such a dunce, but I have nothing to measure in grams. Has someone converted the grams to cups, teaspoons, etc? Many thanks.

Grace Casale


Gammy June 20, 2019
Agree with Smaug, especially about getting a digital scale. Oxo has a 5 pound max one for about $25-30 and a 11 pound max for about $40-50. The biggest issue is you are asking for a conversion of grams, or weight, into cups, teaspoons, etc,, which are volume. The KA site can get you close to an accurate conversion, but remember a cup of molasses will weigh much more than a cup of flour. Even different flours will weigh different amounts.
Smaug June 20, 2019
One thing that I think confuses people is that an ounce (by weight) of water- or butter- is also a fluid ounce (under "neutral" conditions) and people get a false sense of equivalency. Presumably that's how the units were chosen- a liter of water weighs a kilo, too, a cubic centimeter a gram.
Smaug June 20, 2019
Consensus here seems to be that the information at is inclusive and dependable. If you plan to bake much it's well worth investing in a nice digital scale- I paid about $40 for an excellent Oxo scale, which will read in either metric or imperial weights and has many nice features- so many recipes nowadays are in weights, and a lot of writers (not just Europeans) prefer metric because the units are easier to deal with in base 10 arithmetic.
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