Garlic? When? A head of garlic is listed on the list of ingredients, but nowhere to be found in the steps!

When, if at all, do you add the head of garlic listed in the ingredients? I could imagine one would roast it the oven with the chicken .....

  • Posted by: Peter
  • June 21, 2019


Shadi H. June 28, 2019
Hi Peter, yes, as Lori mentioned, the head of garlic is going to be placed inside the chicken.
Peter June 29, 2019
Thank you
Lori T. June 21, 2019
Hopefully you will hear something from the recipe author. I have used other recipes to make versions of Persian style roast chicken, and each of those has always called for both the garlic and lemon to be placed inside the chicken for baking. None of mine call for an entire head of garlic, but I can't say it would be devastating to do it. If you trimmed off the top of the head, it would bake up nicely as well, and you'd have ready roasted garlic on hand to use in other ways. It might have some chicken and lemon overtones, but that's not such a bad thing.
Peter June 29, 2019
Thank you
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