Food 52 Corn Chowder Recipe Can this chowder be kept warm in a crock pot or on low on the stove top until serving. Also, can leftovers be frozen.

I am having 16 people and making the corn chowder but want to know if it can be kept warm before serving or frozen until serving?

Cathy salini


Nancy June 23, 2019
I guess you want to make corn chowder ahead, and serve as part of a buffet for
a big group at dinner.
Two separate questions.
Yes, the soup can be made ahead and frozen (most chowders hold up OK in freezer for 1-2 months).
No, probably slow cooker won't hold it at safe temperature for several hours.
For safety when serving, the soup should be 135F or higher, or cooked again to 165F or more after two hours.
See two useful articles.
Nancy June 23, 2019
And yes, leftovers can also be frozen.
Cathy S. June 23, 2019
thanks so much for your help. So appreciated.
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