Missing instructions in the recipe

Where are the instructions for the savory French toast?

8-Layer Breakfast Sandwich
Recipe question for: 8-Layer Breakfast Sandwich


Kristin July 2, 2019
Those aren't instructions. It just says "make french toast". What do you make the french toast with?
Megan G. July 2, 2019
Hi Kristin!

Looks like the instructions for the french toast are in Step 4 of the Directions.

Hope this helps!
Kristin July 2, 2019
Those aren't instructions. It only says "make french toast" with no instruction on what to make the french toast with. Am i missing something?
Smaug July 2, 2019
The ingredients weren't separated, but they're under "for the breakfast sandwich"- You'd mix the cream, eggs, salt and pepper, soak the bread in it and fry in butter- at least u that's how you usually make French toast, though in my experience with a bit more spice.
Erin A. July 2, 2019
Hey Kristin! Thanks for catching. There was a section of the recipe that was missing (a mistake on my end!) and has been updated.
Nan July 8, 2019
Can you make this into a casserole
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