How much water to go with the 3/4 cup of sugar?

  • Posted by: Ying
  • July 9, 2019
Leche Flan Recipe
Recipe question for: Leche Flan Recipe


Giselle K. July 9, 2019
Hi Ying! I apologize that it wasn't included-- I'll see if I can fix that now. I use 2 tablespoons of water. You can definitely make it without (as Smaug said), but as a frequent caramel burner, I find that it makes it a little easier for me.
Ying July 9, 2019
Thanks Giselle! I enjoyed reading your article. Thank you!
Smaug July 9, 2019
Maybe the author will show up, but it's probably not critical- many prefer to make caramel without water, which you'll have to boil off anyway.
Ying July 9, 2019
Thank you very much Smaug for your help!
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