How much milk? Trying to make this now.

I need to know how much milk to warm.

  • Posted by: Earth
  • July 9, 2019
Bacon-Ranch Monkey Bread
Recipe question for: Bacon-Ranch Monkey Bread


Lori T. July 9, 2019
The recipe author says she based this on another recipe for a sweet brioche dough. That calls for 1/4 cup of milk to rehydrate the yeast, so that's what I believe would be used in this one. It's hard to give exact measurements for liquids in breadmaking, as how dry or damp your flour is, how big the eggs are, or even how much moisture is in the butter will have some effect. So you might start with the 1/4 cup, and have a little extra on hand if needed later in the mixing.
Smaug July 9, 2019
Sounds about right- as a very rough proportion for low hydration breads such as dinner rolls or sandwich breads you need 3 flour to 1 liquid by volume- you might check the volume of your eggs, but it's probably around 6 oz.
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