What material is the best for cookware?

I have heard of different opinions some same stainless steel (I don’t like because cooking burns or sticks), anodized steel ( non stick like cooking with this but rumor is not healthy?), and enamel (temperamental if enamel wears off that’s the end)
What’s your recommendation?

  • Posted by: Uzzie
  • July 14, 2019


HalfPint July 15, 2019
Depends on what you want. There's always some sort of trade off, so it will depend on what you want out of your cookware. For me, I like stainless steel especially All Clad's D5 series which is a non-stick as I've ever experienced on stainless steel. There are certain foods, like eggs, that stick unless you use a non-stick pan (like the ones with Teflon coating which if heated too high is unhealthy). I also like stainless steel with a copper core for quick and even heating conduction. With SS, I don't have to baby the cookware too much, though I am careful to not use metal utensils on any of my cookware regardless of what it's made of. Not too familiar with anodized or enamel. My limited experience with them is ok. Just not my preference. Lately, I've been using more cast iron (a well-seasoned pan can be non-stick and healthy too) and there are now quite a few manufacturers making a much lighter pan. Just understand how to care for it and you will have it for decades in your kitchen.
Customer-Care July 15, 2019
Hi there, and thanks for such a great question! It depends on personal preference and what you love to cook, but I was just talking with my teammates about this (we're all avid home cooks over here) and we agreed cast iron is generally our go-to, favorite cookware. We also all own and really enjoy the GreenPan non-sticks! Very handy—and a healthy, durable non-stick option, too. Stainless steel pots are really nice to have as well, but can get a bit expensive. I hope that helps to guide you towards what you're looking for, but if you have any follow-up questions we'd love to hear from you! You're always welcome to reach us directly at [email protected]. And if not, happy cooking!!
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