RE: left over Corned Beef Broth - any unique recipes? I have diluted the saltiness and made soup in the past. Interested in your ideas :)

  • Posted by: lapadia
  • March 18, 2011


AntoniaJames March 17, 2013
Reduce it by boiling away merrily, then save by the quart in your freezer. Strain and use for boiling mashed potatoes to serve with pan fried or grilled sausages. (I'd then use the potato-enriched cooking water to make bread, but would not proof my yeast in it, due to the salt.) I bet it would make delicious oven-braised sauerkraut; rinse the sauerkraut very thoroughly, then braise in slow oven, covered, for about 1 and a half hours; remove lid, turn up the heat to 350 degrees and cook with the lid off for at least another 1/2 hour. (I'd add a thinly sliced onion at the outset, too.) In each case, I'd taste it before using, and not add salt (and would even dilute, if the broth seemed excessively salty) before using. Will probably think of more ideas later. Am not making a corned beef this year, so the problem does not have the immediacy that it otherwise would. ;o)
mrslarkin March 17, 2013
Happy St. Patrick's Day! I'm reviving lapadia's thread from 2 yrs ago. Any more ideas for corned beef broth? I've got buckets.
lapadia March 17, 2013
Happy St. Patrick's Day! I forgot about this question. I bought a large brisket at Costco (6-lbs) and today I'm making a Guinness Stout Brisked Stew, I vacuum sealed the remaining 4 lbs with my dry cure corning ingredients, will slow cook that later this week. SO...will eventually have some broth to play with, glad to read the old and new comments. Thanks! :)
lapadia March 18, 2011
Thanks! All excellent ideas...fennel with melted parmesan, fried corn beef on top of soup, hmmm, trying out risotto, minestrone. Wow beer in your corned beef recipe, interesting! I corn my own brisket without the nitrates...all natural, it is an old recipe found in a Julia Child book, and because the broth is free of the nitrates I hate to waste it, usually make the same type of soup, every year, never ventured past thanks for sharing your ideas!!
CookOnTheFly March 18, 2011
Dilute with water and use to make Minestrone. I use beer in my corned beef recipe, along with garlic cloves, pepper corns and bay leaves. Yummy!
Sundayinthekitchen March 18, 2011
Soups would be fantastic -- and what about as a richer alternative to chicken stock in recipes like pilaf, and dare I say it, risotto? May be worth an experiment ...
Helen's A. March 18, 2011
I've used my diluted corned beef broth as a stock for various lentil or bean soups. How about a yellow split pea soup? At the end, fry up some of the chopped left over corned beef to stir in...
littleknitter March 18, 2011
Possibly some kind of take on French onion soup? You could also use it to flavor vegetable dishes and some types of casseroles. I often braise fennel with broth, then melt parmesan over the top - might be worth a try.
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