Is brown rice the "healthiest" rice?

I'm wondering which rice packs the biggest healthy punch, so I can use it in place of carb-rich nutrient-poor white. Thanks!!

  • Posted by: KatyM
  • July 31, 2012


susan G. July 31, 2012
You can also initiate the sprouting of brown rice by just letting it soak in water. I have read that the time needed is about 22 hours to reach the peak levels for some of the nutrients. In summer you would probably have to shorten that and not let it get overly warm. Sometimes this is called GABA rice because of the significant increase of gamma amino butyric acid and other valuable nutrients. A superficial search for 'GABA rice' yields lots of sources for information.
I wonder if wild rice could be sprouted?
Sam1148 July 31, 2012
The healthiest rice is GBR (Germinated Brown Rice).
which is brown rice that's been allowed to spout before cooking. The above tech calls for a heating pad...but you could use a old fashioned hot water bottle and put everything in microwave (don't turn on) to protect from drafts..or in a small insulated cooler.
Some of the higher end japaneese rice makers have a GBR function sprouting/warming function.
jsdunbar July 31, 2012
The wild rice mixture also stretches the rice a little further, which is nice because wild rice is so expensive. Mind you, I love it this way so it goes even faster this way at my house.
It is also a great base for a salad.
jsdunbar July 31, 2012
Wild rice also has more minerals. And it really is "wild", so it's organic. Cover it with a couple of inches of boiling water, put a lid on, & let it sit for an hour. Then measure it & cook it as you wood white rice. You end up with about three times the original volume. It will have a slightly chewy texture. It's delicious.
I sometimes sauté chopped onion, add sliced almonds and dried cranberries or raisins, then cooked wild rice. This makes a wonderful side dish.
KatyM July 31, 2012
Thanks so much! And it would go faster in my house too...that's a very similar recipe to my family's rice pilaf, also a popular side. Wild rice with walnuts, cranberries, mushrooms, onion, garlic, celery, salt and pepper. Delicious!!
lloreen July 31, 2012
Wild rice is lower in calories and carbs. If you want less crunch, you can do a mixture of wild of brown.
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