I bought frozen shrimp that says keep frozen. Do I thaw it before cooking? I know stupid question.



Happygoin July 16, 2019
I wouldn’t leave them in the fridge for more than 24 hours. If you want to put them in the fridge at night, for use the next day, they’d be thawed and be fine to cook.

I find they thaw in about 5 minutes in a bowl of hot water.

As Smaug said, they cook so quickly, you need to be careful not to over cook.
Smaug July 16, 2019
Yes. You can thaw it quickly by placing it in a bowl covered with water- a large, shallow bowl is best. There seems to be a movement of sorts toward cooking some things frozen, but shrimp just cook too quickly, they'd be overcooked by the time the center thawed.
Cathyl1975 July 16, 2019
What if I thawed them in the refrigerator for a few days? Will they still be good to use? I have never tried to cook shrimp. Thanks!
Smaug July 16, 2019
I'm with Happygoin- they don't keep at all well, especially when they've been frozen/thawed; best to thaw right before cooking. That's true for pretty much any sea food. I just use cold tap water (being a coward), with maybe one change of water if it gets very cold, and swirl them around a bit occasionally. When you cook them, it's pretty obvious when they're done; they go from translucent to opaque and acquire some pink. They'll get sort of tough and rubbery if overcooked.
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