I'm assuming you mean more than 4 apricots - is it 4 cups or 4 lbs? The rest look correct, but maybe 2 cups onions instead of 2 full ones.



JocelynT July 25, 2019
Nancy and Tia - you are correct! Made the recipe as written and it came out great. Thanks for the advice! :)
Nancy July 18, 2019
Not necessarily.
Maybe the title is misleading and creates expectation of mostly or all apricot chutney.
Or maybe author used large fresh apricots as top note.
Either way, chutney is forgiving. Start with recipe as written, taste, add more if you want.
tia July 18, 2019
I agree with Nancy. It also looks like this doesn't make a huge amount (if that's a dried chili in the photo, it's probably no more than 3 inches long, or thereabouts) . It's a condiment, so that makes sense.
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