Can individual pavlovas be made in advance (for me to take to a dinner party)?



Emma L. July 25, 2019
Hi! If the weather where you are isn't very humid, the meringue layers could keep in an airtight container for a couple days. But if it is humid, the meringue would get soft and sticky much quicker.
ChefAnnie July 25, 2019
Thanks Emma! It’s actually your Peaches & Cream recipe I want to take. What do you think of me adding some fresh cherries to the peaches?
ChefAnnie July 25, 2019
Also, if I make day before, should I store in refrigerator?
Happygoin July 26, 2019
I’m going to jump in here in case Emma doesn’t see your question.

Meringues should never be stored in the fridge. Just as in a humid day, the moisture of your fridge will make them sticky and limp very quickly.

If you make the meringues ahead, store them in layers of parchment or wax paper in an airtight container, as Emma said, at room temp. Only fill them when you’re ready to serve them. Meringues can be finicky! :)
ChefAnnie July 26, 2019
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