House Warming party foods

What is good/acceptable to serve at a house warming party? Very informal, just a group of friends celebrating my new place.



Ms. T. March 24, 2011
One of my favorite recipes for parties is this one for Moroccan-spiced lamb meatballs. Delicious, surprising flavors, you can make it all the day before and reheat, and they still taste good at room temp when the party lingers on and you want to get out of the kitchen. I've also grilled them on skewers (instead of baked) for backyard parties, and served the sauce on the side.

In a completely different note, I also love this cognac caramel fondue for parties. In addition to the usual fruit options, try providing cubes of firm goat cheese for dipping. Mmmm, love that combo.

Happy housewarming!

nutcakes March 24, 2011
One fun bite I like is from Martha Stewart. Take a block of softened cream cheese and beat a few ounces of Roquefort, thin with a spoon or two of heavy cream. Drop about 40 grapes in and mix. Fish the grapes out and roll the cheese mix around them, then roll in chopped pecan, walnuts or almonds. Chill. The rolling part is a PITA, the mix has to be soft enough to roll but firm enought to stick, but they are delicious bites. Can do the day ahead.
Bevi March 24, 2011
Another foodpickler asked about crock pot recipes. This might be a no-hassle way to
add a "lingerers" dish as ChefJune suggests. Chile might be easy to put together and you can create a meat, chicken, or veggie version.
ChefJune March 24, 2011
There are a lot of questions you've left unanswered for us. What kinds of foods do you and your family/friends like? How much cooking do you want to do? Do you j ust want munchies, or to include one more substantial dish? A lot depends on the weather, as aargersi suggests. SKK gave you what sounds like a tasty menu, with minimum work on your part.

A couple of dips with veggies and crackers, cheese, charcuterie. I sometimes like to add a pot of spaghetti or beans and rice that the "lingerers" can turn into supper.
SKK March 24, 2011
Anything you love is great to serve. I had a neighborhood gathering a couple of weeks ago to introduce new neighbors and I stayed with appetizers, it was a great success. Roasted fennel white bean dip here at
Spinach Balls (didn't have time to make balls, just put the whole recipe in a pan and baked and cut)
Guacamole, plates of cheeses and cold meats.
Easy and good and allowed for great conversations without me having to do a lot.
drbabs March 24, 2011
In December we had a contest: Your Best Open House Dish. Here are the recipes. Have fun!
aargersi March 24, 2011
I would look at the weather forecast (sounds silly but ...) because this time of year is so variable - if it's warmand sunny you may want cool or room temp foods, ceviches, salads, or even something grilled outside, but if it's going to be cold out you might want to think about foods served warm, or a bit heartier things like a charcuterie / cheese / pate sort of setup ... also cold vs warm drinks is a consideration
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