doubling whole spices for an Indian pilaf?

I am making an Indian pilaf, if I am doubling or tripling the recipe, do I double or triple the whole spices as well? Is there a rule about that?

  • Posted by: Lisa
  • August 9, 2019


Emma L. August 9, 2019
Hey Lisa! If you are doubling or tripling the recipe, you can double or triple all the ingredient quantities. That said, you could also double or triple some of the spices, and leave others as they are in the original—if you want the pilaf to be heavier on one flavor and lighter on another.
Lisa August 9, 2019
Thanks Emma! I wasn't sure if double or tripling the spices would overwhelm the over all flavor of the dish or not, but I do understand what you mean. I appreciate the reply! It's nice to have a forum like this to ask questions!
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