I live at altitude, so have to use the slow cooker on high only for food safety. Is there a recommended cook time for high?



Lori T. August 13, 2019
When my parents lived in Nevada, the Farm Extension agent told my mother it was best if she started using only thawed or fresh foods, and used the high setting for the first hour of cooking. Then it could be safely switched to low, and she should count on things taking about an hour extra to cook. She also told mom that she should make sure the slow cooker was at least half filled, preferably 2/3rd's full. The method seemed to work well for my mom, which was good because the slow cooker was a favored appliance. Not knowing your altitude or location, you might check with your local farm extension office to see if they have anything to offer more specific to your area.
Ella Q. August 13, 2019
Hi Michelle,

I'd try starting with three hours, checking it, and adding a bit more time as needed. Let us know how it goes!
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