I have 90 kabobs, beef, chicken and shrimp. In lieu of soaking wooden skewers in water, what about soaking them assembled in the marninade?

  • Posted by: Deborah
  • August 14, 2019


Gammy August 15, 2019
Couple thoughts... One, if the marinade contains any oil or fat, there could be a flare up on the grill and the skewers could catch on fire. Two, If you don't soak the skewers, the bamboo will pull moisture from the meat, possible causing the meat to really adhere to the skewers when cooked. Once you have the skewers soaked, you can make up the kabobs and marinate. Or marinate all the ingredients and skewer just before grilling.
boulangere August 15, 2019
The main reason for soaking bamboo skewers in water first is so that they won't shred upon being skewered, so I'd suggest not skipping that step.
Deborah August 14, 2019
sorry, mis-typed, need to make 90 kabobs. Ran out of character space. Can I assemble the kabobs and marinate on the skewers? It's a timing issue to assemble right before grilling. Would rather assemble, and marinate kabobs and skewers at the same time.
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