Anybody got a recipe for a beef stew got to feed 100 homeless

On a budget too

  • Posted by: Sharon
  • August 17, 2019


Miss K. August 20, 2019
Once upon a chef has THE most excellent recipe for beef with carrots. It's the only one I use.
Nancy August 18, 2019
If you search online, you'll find many recipes for cooking for a crowd or cooking for 50. Use one of the beef recipes.
For economy, you can reduce meat to about 2-3 oz (weight after trimming) per person and fill out the stew with a combination of root, green and red/orange vegetables.
Ethyl August 21, 2019
This is late so I dunno if OP will see it, but to keep costs down you could also add in some beans or lentils!
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