Can hazelnut flour be swapped for almond flour without being a disaster?



Miss K. August 19, 2019
I've not used almond flour previously. Hazelnut is the King of Nuts in my opinion.
Miss K. August 19, 2019
The recipe is Palisade upside down peach cake. I agree with the hazelnut raspberry combination.😉
Gordon August 19, 2019
Both nut flowers make a heavy crust. But yes they should be able to be used interchangeably. I sometimes use hazelnut flower when I make a Linzer Torte, and sometimes Almond, and sometimes I mix them. Hazelnut flour to me is a bit sweeter than almond. With peaches I use almond, and raspberry jam hazelnut :))
Happygoin August 19, 2019
In many things, sure. What is the recipe?
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