Would you consider posting the original recipe please?

This recipe was a bit confusing (3/4 egg? Clarified butter?). IMHO, cookies should be fun to make and not a 3-hour science experiment. Would you consider posting the original recipe, shortening and all? Shortening gets a bad rap, but honestly? It cuts down on the amount of animal-based ingredients in baking, which is often difficult to do. My husband's very favorite snickerdoodle recipe calls for shortening. And they're delicious.

  • Posted by: Sharil
  • August 22, 2019


Miss_Karen August 25, 2019
I think I have one of RLB' s cookbooks....Let me look. If I do, I'll send you the recipe.
Nancy, don't be snarky.
Nancy August 26, 2019
No sarcasm or irreverence.
Just description and opinion.
Nancy August 25, 2019
Rose Levy Beranbaum works with a lab scientist's attention to detail, repetition and experiments, even if/when she is writing about delicious baked goods and sweets. That's her style, her approach. The Genius recipe here is very close to if not identical to RLB original.
So if you don't like this style (and many don't) publishing the original won't be a help.
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