Baking time for Baked Salmon with Clam Chowder dish

I came up with a recipe that everyone truly loves, but I don't know how long I should bake it.
Starting with a pyrex dish, I sprinkle olive oil, then spritzel some liquid from a large can of Clam Chowder, lay the 1 lb of Salmon fillets, add shredded cheese and the balance of Clam Chowder with a nice dose of shredded cheese on top. Then I bake at 350.
But I've never known how long I need to bake. It's always come out fantastic even though I know it's probably baked too long, and no complaints, but I can't find a similar recipe to decide the minimum baking times.
Can someone suggest how long, or how to determine when the Salmon is fully cooked?

  • Posted by: FtLMale
  • August 22, 2019


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