Want to recreate my Angela's arroz con pollo can't find a re joe that uses her technique. Help!!

My grandma placed chicken directly on the oven rack and let it drip into a pan of rice and broth on the rack below it. The final dish was served on one tray with crispy chicken on a bed of fluffy, delishes rice studded with peas. It was so good. Can anyone help me recreate it? I don't have any idea about quantities of ingredients, time, anything.

  • Posted by: Sokal22
  • August 25, 2019


Sokal22 August 25, 2019
Wow and recipe is ro joe. So kinda not digging the autocorrect here. it just tried to change kinda to kevin. This is my first post. I guess I've learned a lesson about proofing here. Annoying.
Sokal22 August 25, 2019
Sorry didn't catch auto correct changed abuela to angela. How annoying.
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