How do you cook a fresh ham roast?

I now have two in my freezer, thanks to my local meat CSA. Can't seem to find a recipe for this in any of my cookbooks or online. Does it more commonly go by another name? Any help would be appreciated!



usuba D. March 25, 2011
There are many meals in a pork leg. Cut chops (gammon) from the butt end. . . . better than loin chops. Seam cut the leg into the basic muscle groups, Top, Bottom, Eye, Nuss (knuckle, or top sirloin) . . . just like a veal leg and cut scallopini. All the scrap pieces left from seaming can be minced and make wonderful rissoles. The hock makes great osso bucco. Just a few of so many ways to use a leg of pork.
hardlikearmour March 24, 2011
here's some info with several recipes that may be helpful:
Ms N. March 24, 2011
I have cooked several of these--one last weekend! There are a number of ways to cook them--anywhere from "cureing" then slow smoking, and using like any ham...OR using it as you would any piece of LEAN pork. I brine mine with salt , sugar and herbs, apple juice and have used for stew, or a pulled pork. It's just pork, ham is the cut--from the back leg I believe. Cook wiht some stout beer and otehr spices...
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