my semolina gnocchi is paste, when i try and cut out it's paste

how do i fix this for dinner tonight?!



boulangere August 28, 2019
I've always baked semolina gnocchi. When done to the touch, I cut it into squares to serve. I hate waste, you see.
Lori T. August 28, 2019
The only semolina gnocchi I'm familiar with is sort of related to a soft polenta- and after it cooks and cools you cut it into rounds. If this is the sort you refer to, I've found it helps to put it in the refrigerator to chill and set up. It is rather a soft paste to start with, and remains kind of sticky. In my recipe the rounds get laid out in a greased dish in a layer slightly overlapping one another, topped with more butter and parmesan, and baked. The final result has the gnocchi sort of melding into one another. Not sure how adding uncooked semolina will affect it, but if you had a lot of extra liquid to absorb, it should do okay. Are you planning to oven bake this? That's kind of how it gets done, and not in a water bath. In the end, semolina gnocchi is more of a semolina pudding thing, rather than the pasta sort of pillows we normally think of with gnocchi.
Transcendancing August 29, 2019
It was still paste like and I was unable to cut rounds after the second lot of semolina went in, but I cooked it in the pan in a waterbath and it seems to have come out somewhat okay? My plan will be to fry the pieces in brown butter and dress with a sauce... not ideal but at least not completely wasted effort? Thank you for your answer - I assume that when I thought I had the right consistency to begin with that I didn't have enough of a dough and needed to add more semolina.
Transcendancing August 28, 2019
Currently I've added extra semolina, whisked it again and put it back in to hopefully re-set. My backup plan if this doesn't work is to maybe cook it as is in a water bath?! (Comments on either welcome at this point).
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