We're making a gnocchi with brown butter and sage for an upcoming dinner. What should we serve with it?



Jon P. November 8, 2010
A suggestion regarding the dessert portion of your question:

Star anise ice cream is fantastic. My favorite one had sesame seeds in it and the contrasting texture was brilliant. Ginger would then be a good complimentary spice to use in the cookie. Maybe not the standard ginger and molasses cookie, though - what about a ginger-spiced shortbread? Something very simple like that to highlight the ginger as it interacts with the great anise flavor of the ice cream.
healthierkitchen November 8, 2010
Mrs. Larkin - love the menu. When's dinner?
innoabrd November 8, 2010
I'd go for a sauteed spinach. Toss the washed (and still wet) spinach in a pot on medium and cover. Stir it a few times until it wilts, then saute in a hot pan with some alive oil and finish with lemon juice.

Gnocchi are heavy, I'd do a desert that's light on the cream. Maybe a fruit tart?
mrslarkin November 7, 2010
Sounds very autumnal! I'd do veal (or chicken) saltimbocca. A shaved raw Brussels sprouts salad w pecans, bacon, cranberries dressed w maple vinnaigrette. Dessert: pumpkin ice cream and clove cookies.
Mr_Vittles November 7, 2010
An acidic salad, like a simple balsamic vinegar and EVOO. Greens should be light, maybe escarole, ie bitter greens.
beyondcelery November 7, 2010
Pears poached in red wine make an excellent dessert after gnocchi, especially when the gnocchi are made with butternut squash instead of potatoes.
Stacey S. November 7, 2010
Nothing but a simple salad.
The gnocchi is heavy and the buttery crisp sage will be a meal in itself!
We love this meal.
pierino November 7, 2010
sixelagogo November 7, 2010
pair it with a finely shredded cabbage salad + pecans + apple + blue cheese?
brdwilliams November 7, 2010
Thanks! Any thoughts on dessert? I was thinking of a homemade ice cream with a simple cookie of some sort (maybe some spice in one or the other?)
Kayb November 7, 2010
A slightly sweet vegetable -- perhaps glazed carrots, or butternut squash -- and a green salad with a nice tart viniagrette.
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