Attempted to make a Chocoflan cake but the flan did not sink to the bottom?

What did I do wrong? Cake batter too thick?

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1 Comment

DoubleNegative August 29, 2019
Hmm...without knowing the recipe you used, it's hard to say for sure, but if your baking soda/powder was old that might do it, if you substituted something for the acidic (yogurt or buttermilk) part of the batter, that could also do it and if you skipped the water bath that could also be the culprit. I believe these are the critical elements of the "magic change". I've done it in the instant pot using this recipe ( and never had it fail (thanks, Laura P.). And yes, the cake batter is thick, that is normal, so I don't think it was that. Hope that helps.
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