What brand of all purpose cleaners do you use at home? Thank you.

  • Posted by: Irina
  • August 31, 2019


MMH August 31, 2019
Irina September 1, 2019
What’s more effective concentrated or non toxic cleaner?
Gammy September 1, 2019
Irina, you are asking to compare apples (concentration) to oranges (toxicity). Concentrated cleanser can have toxic or non-toxic ingredients. Non-toxic can be regular strength or concentrated.
Irina September 1, 2019
Gammy, I asked about non-toxic cleaner.Is it worth to buy a non-toxic cleaner for kitchen with a regular strength? To pay for a water with a scent? Is more better than just water with lemon juice?
Gammy September 2, 2019
I don't think non-toxic cleansers are just water with a scent. Many are plant-based and most have an ingredient that is a surfactant, helping to dissolve the bonds holding dirt or grease to a surface. Are they better than water with lemon juice? Depending upon what you are wanting to clean, they may be. Watch the lemon juice, though, it is an acid and a bleach and can etch and/or bleach some materials if used in too strong a solution or let on for too long.
Irina September 2, 2019
Maybe toaster, greasy wok, cast iron skillet, dishes, hardware of sink, grill?
Irina September 2, 2019
If they are very gentle kitchen cleaners they are probably not so effective.Are they designed actually to be used for commercial kitchen or home kitchen?
Gammy August 31, 2019
Depends upon what I am cleaning. I mostly use Mrs. Meyers, Method and Barkeeper's Friend.
Irina September 1, 2019
All purpose cleaner and multi surface cleaner, what’s a difference?
Gammy September 1, 2019
That is a great question... to me, all purpose would be something definitely non-toxic, probably very gentle and would have a multitude of uses, laundry, cleaning the bath tub, floors, etc., thinking something like Dr. Bronner's castile soaps. A multi surface cleanser might be good for kitchen counters made from all materials, maybe the floor, possibly have an antibacterial ingredient, but you wouldn't necessarily use in the laundry or on your pots and pans.
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