A recipe “ Louisa’s cake”. How much to use a baking powder?

Hi. I tried to bake this cake and it didn’t rise as it shown on a picture. Why? I used a baking powder about 1 Tbsp. My cake is more thinner. Thank you.

  • Posted by: Irina
  • September 6, 2019


Nancy September 6, 2019
Irina - not sure but there could be at least three reasons the cake was thinner than pictured.
1) baking powder was old and therefore weak
2) baked in larger pan than recommended - so cake is wider and lower in height
3) let batter sit after mixing in baking powder and before putting in oven, so some of the lift power was lost.
If none of these are true, I don't know. Maybe others will suggest reasons.
Irina September 6, 2019
Nancy, how much time a batter should be sit after mixing with baking powder before putting in an oven?
Nancy September 6, 2019
Basically no time, if using chemical learners (b powder or b soda) as they begin to work as soon as mixed with moisture.
And when sitting, they lose some or most of their leavening power.
If you have a wet yeast dough, which may look like a batter, follow recipe directions for how long to let it sit or rise before baking.
Nancy September 6, 2019
That's "chemical leaveners."
Isn't auto incorrect wonderful?
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