Can I get away with using significantly less oil?

Has anyone tried this with much, much less oil than called for? I see where someone use 1/3 cup instead of 1/2, but even that seems excessive. The rest of the recipe sounds interesting, but the quantity of oil — eeesh. So many empty calories.

  • Posted by: JJ
  • September 8, 2019
Zuni's Pasta with Preserved Tuna
Recipe question for: Zuni's Pasta with Preserved Tuna


Emma L. September 9, 2019
Hi JJ! You could reduce the olive oil, but I wouldn't recommend going lower than 1/3 cup—the olive oil is one of the most important ingredients this dish (it picks up all the flavors from the other ingredients and creates the dressing for the pasta).
DrewYoung September 9, 2019
There are various dishes that can be created without oil as one can easily make a mixture that doesn't require any oil.
Nancy September 9, 2019
Also, please keep in mind that the oil is designed to both flavor the tuna and preserve it (keep out oxygen, prevent deterioration) if you store it. When you serve, you can use a slotted spoon to serve the solids you want and leave the oil...for another use, for salad dressing, etc.
Stephanie G. September 8, 2019
Definitely. Home cooks and restaurant cooks differ.
boulangere September 8, 2019
Sure. But understand that the flavor profile will be quite different. I also make a tuna and pasta dish which depends on olive oil for its great depth of flavor.
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