Pet’s sympathy and rodent’s war. Who is win?

Is it worth it to keep a big pets like (two old horses ,one cow, lamas and so on) around a house where you live? I’m trying to understand. Rodents doesn’t bother you? Thank you.

  • Posted by: Irina
  • September 9, 2019


C S. September 10, 2019
This sounds like it might be a question for a marriage counselor or a lifestyle guru more than a cooking hotline. There are so many things to consider here starting with where you live and how you want to spend your time. Good luck Irina.
Irina September 10, 2019
You are right. Maybe do you know how to manage a delivery issue? I want all my packages from FOOD52 hold on UPS facility until I can pick it up to avoid from stealing? Do you know how to do it?
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