Can you roast two beef tenderloins (6 & 7) in one big pan? Also is 1/2 lb per person enough?

  • Posted by: JennyD
  • December 23, 2012


WhiteRice December 22, 2023
I'm cooking 2 5lb trimmed and tied beef tenderloin for my Christmas crowd. I intend to sear them on my charcoal grill then transfer them to my electric smoker to cook. Most advice is 15mins/lb up to 130 degrees. How do I adjust the cook time for two 5 lb pieces of meat. I will use a probe thermometer but I still have to time my dinner. Do I cook 15 mins/lb as if its one 10lb piece of meat = 2 1/2 hrs or do I time 15 min/lb based on 5lbs = 1 1/2 hr. Temp matters too. I plan to cook at 225 degrees. There isn't enough info out there, hope you can help. Thanks
JennyD December 23, 2012
Thank you !
amysarah December 23, 2012
Roasting two together is fine - as long as the pan is large enough so they're not crowded, and air can circulate around each one. And yes, I usually figure 1/2 lb. per person - you could probably do slightly less, but that's enough for a generous portion, and/or a few slices to eat deliciously cold the next day.
SKK December 23, 2012 Tried again.
SKK December 23, 2012
Yes you can roast 2 tenderloins in one pan. And you will need a meat thermometer to let you know when they are done to your liking. Here is our all time favorite recipe for beef tenderloin and I have found taste trumps quantity.

SKK December 23, 2012
Here is the whole link
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