What goes best with fresh cracked crab?

  • Posted by: RenoRed
  • December 3, 2011


RenoRed December 19, 2011
This is what I had Crab ( tossed with melted butter, olive oil, minced garlic and shallots) roasted in oven , removed from oven and squeezed fresh lemon , sprinkled with fresh parsley and thyme, dash of red pepper. Sourdough b
SKK December 3, 2011
White wine, butter for dipping and someone to share the crab with. And of course a white wine - my favorite is a sauvignon blanc, preferably from New Zealand.
nutcakes December 4, 2011
I also like crisp Sav Blanc, Muscadet or Sancere with crab.
bigpan December 3, 2011
I eat dungeness crab often and simply have it right out of the steamer with a sprinkle of lemon and Caesar salad on the side. That's a real Caesar with strips of anchovies. Try to find Italian anchovies in a glass jar instead of those ones in a tin can. Use newspaper for a tablecloth and get messy!
nutcakes December 4, 2011
Caeasar yes, another classic.
Greenstuff December 3, 2011
We had the first crab of the season here last night. The crabs were huge and so delicious that I could not eat another thing. But...in general, I serve bread and a salad. A little citrus in the salad, as nutcakes suggests, is perfect, but ours last night was lettuce, avocado, and persimmon. Most people go with sourdough. Our crab was warm, so we had melted butter. We go with something spicier, like a classic red cocktail sauce, if we are serving it cold.
nutcakes December 3, 2011
Eating it cold? I like sourdough bread, butter, lemon wedges, and asparagus. Not a great time for asparagus. I'd do a salad with spinach, oranges, walnuts and radishes. Citrus based salads are good with it. Also a bowl of soup, like clam chowder.

Or, are you cooking or /heating it?
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