What color would you paint this kitchen?

Cabinets are light maple slab (striation of solid strips), quite simple, perfectly lovely, with modern brushed nickel hardware; large slightly asymmetrical island and all counters are covered with black honed granite, and floors are red oak + white oak - their overall appearance pairs quite nicely with the cabinets. Kitchen is enormous (lots of counters, lots of cabinets), with 10 foot ceilings. House is quite modern in design.

Consider, too, the light - clear, bright sunshine, 300 glorious days per year here in Colorado.

The kitchen is now a saturated grey that has a fair bit of blue in it - “realtor grey!” In fact, the whole house is painted in this same excruciatingly tedious grey tone.

So, what would you do? Specific colors -- preferably Benjamin Moore — would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks.

Mrs Beryl Patmore


PHIL September 27, 2019
Crème Brulee 2022-70 or something int that range. I have gray cabinets with soft yellow walls. Gray is a great neutral with yellow. You can go a little bolder yellow if this color is too soft in a bright kitchen
Happygoin September 26, 2019
Should have added...my kitchen is August Morning, another BM color. It’s a happy color.
Happygoin September 26, 2019
Monroe Bisque. One of Ben Moore’s Historic Colors. It’s gorgeous.
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