A question about a recipe: Mung Bean and Shrimp Soup (Ginisang Monggo)

I have a question about the recipe "Mung Bean and Shrimp Soup (Ginisang Monggo)" from betteirene. Do you think I need to soak the mung beans overnight?

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healthierkitchen March 26, 2011
thanks betteirene!
betteirene March 26, 2011
No: The long, hot, luxurious soak takes the place of the overnighter. Mung beans cook up quickly, more like split peas than beans.

I didn't mention that this is Filipino "poor man's food" and that it's served with (or on top of, like gravy) boiled white rice, as is everything in the Philippines. I like it better with a slice of bread with butter.

Garnish it with some canned La Choy bean sprouts to make it come full circle. Have fun!
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