Steel cut oats in cookies?

Anyone have a recipe or experience using cooked steel cut oats in cookies? I've got oats refrigerated and would love to find a fun way to use them up...



susan G. March 27, 2011
This should be a good bread to use them in -- they'd make it more chewy, as the oat would likely stay intact as nuggets.
sfmiller March 27, 2011
I doubt that cooked steel-cut-oats would work well as a significant ingredient in cookies because they have so much water. A cake would be a better bet. I've made this one with leftover SCOs and enjoyed it.

Cooked SCOs also make a nice addition to many savory breads (up to 1 cup SCOs to 3 cups bread flour, as a rough rule of thumb). You'll have to adjust the liquid in the recipe downward to adjust for the water in the SCOs.
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