Caramel amount seems to be very small??????

How much caramel should you have? The amount of cider left in the pot is very small and I’m not done reducing yet. Thanks!

Shelley  Tucker


Susan P. November 21, 2020
I have the same question for a different reason. I have store-bought concentrated cider (Carr’s Ciderhouse). So the reduction has already been done. How much do I need?
Aja A. November 24, 2019
Hi Shelley! Sorry for the delay here. I am sure you have already made this pie but curious how it turned out? Do you think the recipe could use more caramel? Would love to hear your insight to help future caramel-pie bakers!
Shelley T. November 24, 2019
Hi Aja!
No worries. It did come out good, but I think a little more caramel would be better. Who doesn't love MORE caramel? :)
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