What is an easy area in the kitchen to store a kitchen scissors and poultry shears? Thank you.

  • Posted by: Irina
  • October 28, 2019


PHIL October 30, 2019
If you're tight on space, get a magnetic knife strip , or if the scissors have a holster just mount on the wall or under the cabinet
Irina October 30, 2019
I’m afraid of it that a magnetic knife strip won’t hold a heavy metal kitchen scissors as a knifes. It’s a different weight.
PHIL October 30, 2019
they are pretty strong , I cant see it being an issue. lot's online holding scissors
Emma L. October 28, 2019
I keep mine in a drawer!
Irina October 28, 2019
But if there is no room in a drawer.
Mrs B. October 29, 2019
I'd keep mine in a utensil canister, points down with a thick rubber band to keep things in order, if I had no drawer. Or, I'd put them in a desk drawer not in the kitchen, as I don't use them frequently.

Incidentally, I have surprisingly little drawer space, relative to the size of my kitchen. I keep a plastic shoe box in which I store metal scoops, a cherry pitter, apple corer, some offset spatulas, etc. - things I don't use on a daily basis - in my pantry. It works quite well.
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