No dehydrator/oven that goes low enough

Could I do 200 for 8 minutes? I just don’t have anything that goes that low.

Megan LaBrecque
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Fried Crab Stick Crackers
Recipe question for: Fried Crab Stick Crackers

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Lori T. November 1, 2019
If you have an oven thermometer, or if it has a digital display that shows what temperature it has gotten to- you can simply turn on your oven to 200 and shut it off when it reaches the correct temperature. Ovens hold heat for a period of time after they are turned off, and if you don't open the door it might well work for you this way. The point is just to draw off some of the excess water before they get deep fried, so I think you could also simply let them sit out covered with paper towels for a while as well. If it came to it, you might even be able to use a hand held hair dryer to dry them a bit. Or you can try it your suggested way if you prefer. Myself, I'd turn the heat off sooner and let them sit.
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