Best dual-fuel range - your recommendations, please? The 36" 6-burner Dacor in the house I recently bought just died, 2 weeks before Thanksgiving! ;o)

It's so old that the parts are no longer available to repair it so alas, I have no choice but to replace it. Right away. It's a slide-in model. Thank you. ;o)



AntoniaJames December 18, 2019
Thanks again, everyone. I ended up buying the Wolf DF366 - dual fuel 6 burner, with the pretty red knobs. It was installed just last Friday. I must say, it's far exceeded my expectations already.

It was, ahem, interesting, not having a reliable range for Thanksgiving, but we managed. Thank goodness the problems on the stove top were manageable - with advance planning, we had burners to spare. It actually ended up being one of my easiest Thanksgivings ever, even with houseguests from out of town on hand all week. We ended up smoking our Thanksgiving turkey in the Big Green Egg (after giving it the Judy Bird dry brine treatment), spatchcocked. Everyone loved it! ;o)
ChefJune November 16, 2019
I totally loved my Jenn-Air dual fuel range, and hated to leave it behind when I moved the end of August. I enjoyed it without any problems for 15 years. Before I sold my condo I had the Jenn-Air guy come out to give it and my dishwasher (same vintage) a thorough going-over, and he wasn't surprised they were in such good operating condition.
I would buy another in a heartbeat.
ChefJune November 16, 2019
Be sure to let us know what you get!
Nancy November 14, 2019
Me too...sorry this happened so close Thanksgiving.
I'm guessing you'll have looked at traditional sources of equipment reviews like Consumer Reports and ATK.
No personal experience nor rec to give, but there are some other sources that may be helpful:
1) The Spruce
2) a blog for people overwhelmed in making appliance choices. Something like "designerappliances."
Wendy November 13, 2019

I am sorry for your misfortune. I really love my dual fuel Wolf.
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