I have made this recipe many times and I love it. I’m wondering if it would work on a turkey?

  • Posted by: JuliaT
  • November 16, 2019


Nancy November 17, 2019
I haven't tried this one on turkey, but have done other recipes.
Yes, it will very likely work. Multiply the ingredients as needed. Cook turkey to 165F internal temp (about 3 hours for 12 lb bird; other times for smaller or larger birds).
Two comments though
1) it will make a mess of the oven, which you no doubt already know. But do you need this on Thanksgiving, when you might want to use the oven for other foods not designed to taste of Feta brine?
2) if your family & friends are big on tradition, make a turkey version. But if they are up for a change once in a while, why not make chicken the main dish this year?
Nancy November 17, 2019
And oh yes, as Gammy (I think) reminded us recently, most turkeys sold for thanksgiving have had salt added before they get to market.
So omit the salt from this recipe, lest your bird taste only of that.
You'll have salty notes from both the turkey seller and from the feta.
And if it's under-salted, you can always add some at the table.
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