i was intrigued by rather toastabags so purchased. The instructions are a little vague.... does the ‘3 min clock illustration’ mean you wait

so what level do I toast at... eg 1-7 on our toaster. Second... does the 3 minute clock refer to, how long you wait after using a toasta or how long you toast.... eg dark vs light.

Carla Schneiderman
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1 Comment

Emily K. November 20, 2019
Hi Carla! It depends on your toaster, but the 3-minute timeframe is more of a general guideline—you can adjust based on how efficiently your toaster works, and just how toasted you like your bread. What's great is that these bags won't alter the cooking temperature by much, so you can usually apply regular toasting times to anything you use in the Toastabags :)
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