The sauce doesn’t need to be cooked?

So the cranberries aren’t cooked at all? Should I simmer the fruit with the jello to soften them a bit?

kara obana
Mama's Cranberry Salad
Recipe question for: Mama's Cranberry Salad


Kayb November 22, 2019
No, you don't cook the cranberries. The salad is crisp, but chopping the cranberries means they don't need to be softened.
kara O. November 22, 2019
Thank you!!
Gammy November 22, 2019
My "family" recipe for cranberry relish is off the back of the Ocean Spray bag! Very similar except there isn't any jello, just cranberries, sugar and an orange. I used to use a meat grinder and grind the cranberries and orange sections together, then add sugar to taste. Now, my food processor does a similar task, I just have to watch to make sure the cranberries and orange isn't turned into a paste.
kara O. November 22, 2019
Thank you so much!!
Miss_Karen November 21, 2019
So,looking at the recipe, I see that the Jello will thicken it up. Maybe that makes it easier to think of.
Kayb November 22, 2019
It does. It doesn't really congeal, but the Jello, sugar and water make a sort of thick syrup that "dresses" it.
Miss_Karen November 21, 2019
My similar recipe is called cranberry 'relish' not salad...or sauce.
Liz D. November 21, 2019
My family has a similar recipe, and it is not cooked.
kara O. November 21, 2019
Thank you so much! Very helpful!
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