What do I do if there is too much "sage taste" in my stuffing. I bought stuffing mix in a bag, added 1-1/2 tea. poultry seasoning, ..to much sage tas

in a bag, added 1-1/2 tea. of poultry seasoning, forgetting that there was already seasoning in the toasted breadcrumbs. I use giblets and chicken livers. When tasting....I tasted a lot of sage or poultry seasoning. What to do at this point to lessen that taste?

  • Posted by: Josie
  • November 28, 2019


Stephanie B. November 28, 2019
You could try adding some more toasted bread using what you have to dilute the sage a little bit. Any bread from the freezer that is toasted and cut into cubes could work.
Nancy November 28, 2019
And save extra of the bulked up mixture in the freezer for another meal.
Also could add some (more) onions to the stuffing to contrast with the sage.
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