Have you ever used butter instead of Crisco? These look and sound wonderful but I'm wondering if butter would add even more flavor.

  • Posted by: Nancy
  • December 9, 2019
Nut BonBon Cookies
Recipe question for: Nut BonBon Cookies


Smaug December 11, 2019
I'd suggest looking at some recipes for rugelach dough.
Lori T. December 10, 2019
Although it might work by substituting half the amount of shortening for butter, you could run into problems. Butter has a lower melting point than shortening, plus a small amount of water content shortening doesn't have. Your cookies might spread out more before they set up, and end up flatter than you expect. Another option, if you want the taste of butter, might be to use ghee or clarified butter in place of some of the shortening. I just wouldn't substitute all of the shortening with butter. That could end up a flattened blob of cookie.
Happygoin December 10, 2019
I suspect the answer is tenderness, but if you’d like, you could use a half cup of butter (one stick) and a half cup of Crisco. You may get the best of both worlds then. Good luck!
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