For a Hanukkah party, what cookies / other sweet treats that are both gluten free and dairy free would you make? Thanks so much. ;o)



Nancy December 12, 2019
A few more ideas - that are GF and dairy free, that also go with the holiday.
Halva (many flavors, plain, chocolate, pistachio). On its own, or as a garnish to fruit compote.
Riffing off HalfPint - figs or dates stuffed with almonds.
Chocolate avocado mousse.
HalfPint December 10, 2019
How about date balls?

Vegan and Paleo :)
Nancy December 9, 2019
AJ - at first glance, this sounds like a tough one to answer. But there are actually lots of choices.
There is nothing intrinsically Hanukkah-related about the most traditional or common foods served then (latkes in Europe in Europe and North America; doughnuts in Israel). They are (simply) foods prepared with the (yes-linked) ingredient - olive oil (linked to the restoration of the Temple after the Greeks were defeated).
For sweets, as you asked, I would go with any olive-oil based cake (chocolate, orange, whatever( using GF flour. Maybe bake them as muffins, for icing and individual servings.
Or similarly, GF cookies or doughnuts deep fried in olive oil.
You could also make nuts roasted in olive oil (coated with sweet and/or savory seasonings).
The second traditional ingredient is cheese or dairy ingredients (see story of Judith and the Assyrian general Holofernes) and, while the dairy is technically replaceable in many recipes, those replacements would break the link to the holiday.
Hope this helps, Nancy
Nancy December 9, 2019
PS Corn cookies....sugar cookies made with corn.
Also, not a sweet, but a side note. Obviously, if you're making latkes, omit or replace regular flour.
Nancy December 10, 2019
Corn isn't linked to hanukkah celebrations. Just another possible GF sweet.
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