Converting a dark chocolate ganache recipe to make it dairy free

In this recipe for chocolate molasses thumbprint cookies https://www.kingarthurbaking... , what would you use to replace the butter in the ganache? I'd like to make these dairy free. Thanks so much, everyone! ;o)



mrslarkin December 3, 2021
I've substituted full fat coconut milk in pourable ganache with very good results. When you open a can (unshaken), the top layer is very thick, almost spreadable, and I'd use that thick part for this recipe. I've seen vegan, dairy free "butter" at Trader Joe's but haven't tried it. I'm sure that would work well. Happy holidays, AJ!
AntoniaJames December 3, 2021
That's helpful, Liz. I'll probably try that to start, given that I only need a small quantity. Thank you. ;o)
Nancy December 3, 2021
Another approach.
Rather than having to experiment with butter replacements and proportions, use an existing vegan and dairy free ganache.
I know of two out there which use plant milk (soy, coconut). See what looks good and is eatable by your dairy-free guest(s).
Nancy December 3, 2021
At these sites: the spruce eats; 24carat something
AntoniaJames December 3, 2021
I had no idea. Thanks for the tip! ;o)
drbabs December 2, 2021
I was thinking you could use a dairy free margarine like Spectrum. And I remembered that on this season of Great British Baking Show, they had to do a Vegan bake and used a block of something like vegan butter that worked really well. And in case you want to make it, I found this. But I’d encourage you to try it first to make sure it works. Happy holidays!
AntoniaJames December 3, 2021
It had never occurred to me to make my own vegan "butter." I'll keep this in mind for future baking seasons. (I've already laid in a supply of Miyoko and the avocado based Country Crock products for the cookies, etc. I'll be baking in a few weeks, before this guest arrives from out of town.) Those vegan "butters" can put quite a dent in the grocery budget, so making one's own seems like a great alternative. Thank you so much. ;o)
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