My gluten free dairy free pumpkin bread is delicious/moist, however,falls apart when cutting a slice which makes it difficult to serve.

What can I do to prevent the bread from falling apart?

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Sunshine F. September 3, 2011
Thanks for the suggestions! Here is a bit more info.

Since I bake dairy free, there are no eggs, I used EnerG egg replacer that I use in all of my recipes.

I used sorghum flour.

I used mini loaf pans.

I did not use Zanthan gum. I will try that!

Again, thank you for taking the time to offer suggestions.

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vvvanessa August 27, 2011
a couple of things i've learned in my gluten-free baking endeavors:

-try waiting a day to cut and serve. i get much less desirable results when i try to eat something hot out of the oven but find that a little time helps the product "settle."

-use a smaller, narrower, shallower baking dish. i've been less successful with pans like bundt pans or loaf pans than i've been with muffin tins or a baking dish.

-try different flours. though you've hit on a tasty and moist recipe, you might also need a different balance of starchy and whole-grain flours to get the right texture you are looking for.

-i'm not big on using xanthan or guar gums, though i know they can be helpful, as susan g mentions. but maybe that's a route you would want to take if you aren't doing that already.

-depending on what you're making, an extra egg white might help with binding.
susan G. August 27, 2011
Xanthan or guar gum are usually added to limit crumbling. How about soaked flax seed, sometimes used as an egg alternative? If you can find similar recipes, you might get some good clues.
boulangere August 26, 2011
it sounds lovely. What are you using to bind it? Eggs? What flours are you using?
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