Questions about the Jimmy Nardello peppers

I live in Portland, OR and we have a bounty of different peppers in the late summer/early fall. One of those is the Jimmy Nardello which I'm told is a sweet Italian frying pepper. It's not spicy at all. Also, you certainly can't find them anywhere in the Winter. Is there another option?

Scott Basye
Philly Cheesesteak
Recipe question for: Philly Cheesesteak


Josh C. December 10, 2019
Hi Scott - we decided to include the nardello peppers on our cheesesteak as a tribute to John's Roast Pork (a famous cheesesteak spot in Philly). At John's Roast Pork, they offer "Italian Long Hots" as a topping on the sandwiches - these peppers are a little spicy and deeply savory, a great addition. The truth is, the term "long hots" can refer to a number of different peppers, it's an ambiguous term. Cubanelle peppers, Jimmy Nardello peppers, and Italian Frying Peppers all get lumped together under in this type of category, and some varieties are sweeter while other varieties are spicier. The truth is, seared peppers taste great on a cheesesteak, and anyone should simply choose a sweet or spicy pepper depending on their preference and what's available locally.
Scott B. December 11, 2019
Thanks for the fast reply, Josh! Not sure if you've ever heard of Mama Lil's pickled peppers; they are made here in Oregon. I think they'd be great on the sandwich. Look forward to trying this out! Thanks.
HalfPint December 10, 2019
If it is a sweet pepper, use red or yellow or orange bell peppers.
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