A replacement for Padron peppers?

I'm standing in the middle of the Farmer's Market and hoping to pick up some peppers I can use in place of Padron peppers for a Tapas dinner party we're throwing tonight. Any suggestions as to what would fry/blister up similarly? And won't be too, too hot to eat straight?



Ralph531 June 29, 2011
Shisito! I knew there was another pepper that was very, very similar (or maybe it's the same pepper with an Asian name of some sort). Thanks so much - Foodpickle is the best!
TiggyBee June 29, 2011
If you find yourself in an Asian grocery, look for Shisito peppers. They're a really good sub and taste pretty similar to the Padron.
aargersi June 29, 2011
Just looked them up - apparently they are not overly spicy, so I would probably go with my old friend the poblano - or if you can find an anahiem that would work. What I would REALLY do though is get a few varieties since it's a bit of a crap shoot trying to match them - then you can roast peel and taste, use the ones that meet your needs and throw the rest into tomorrow's breakfast tacos.
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